A Comparative Analysis of the Patent Legislation (De Lege Ferenda): Status of Patent Attorneys, in the Context of Inadequate Responsibility and Some Institutional Issues

5 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 277 (2019)
Article language: Azerbaijani.


In the article patent legislation in the field of the protection of industrial property is analyzed not only from national side of the prisma, but also from comparative side at the examples of the USA, Turkey, Germany, and other countries; the gaps in the legislation are paid attention with being related to the status of patent attorneys, provision of responsibilities, historical traces, and some procedural-institutional issues. The international provision system of patent rights with being universal and regional is the priority of the involved issues in this study. Of course, the author couldn’t ignore the principal differences in two legal systems, national specialized and international justice mechanisms with the exceptional jurisdiction in the disputes regarding infringements of patent laws.

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