Baku State University Law Review is the first and only student-run and peer-reviewed academic journal in Azerbaijan and a publication of Student Academic Society of BSU Law School. It was founded in November 2014. The review promotes academic and professional approach to contemporary legal issues which exist in national and comparative law. Clarification of debatable issues with induction of theoretical concepts, judicial and legislation practice of foreign countries, promote legal criticism, creative thinking, and legal culture on both academic and practical sphere are basic principles of the Law Review. The Law Review determines possible solutions to actual issues with reference to legal reasoning and opportunities given by legal science and avoiding repetition as primary purposes of Review. Encouraging law students to academic research with making them develop their legal writing and legal thinking skills and make this as a fair competition are permanent goals of Review.

The Review has been included to HeinOnline, which is the world’s largest legal research database and Scopus.

ISSN 2412-5555


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