Natural Law as Guardian of the Human Person 

4 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 149 (2018)
Article language: English.


Natural law “manifests as a duty the natural demands of man’s being, which are summed up, in short, in obtaining his natural ends.” These ends are the fulfillment of natural inclinations, i.e., the inclination towards preserving one’s life, the inclination towards the “conjugal union of man and woman,” the inclination towards union with God, the inclinations towards “political society” and association, and the inclination towards knowledge. Thus, the fulfillment of the inclination to preserve one’s life is to preserve one’s life. Natural law is a then a rational rule of natural inclinations that (1) prescribes that these inclinations need to be fulfilled, and (2) indicates the measures necessary to fulfill these inclinations. Human nature is not then static, but dynamic—a constant striving after the fulfillment of man’s inclinations, and ultimately, a striving after man’s ultimate end, God himself.

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