Impacts of Wording and Applicable Law on the Energy Investment Arbitration: An Evaluation of the Case of Azpetrol Group v. Azerbaijan

4 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 213 (2018)
Article language: English.


Energy investment arbitration is never guaranteed from unexpected challenges or outcomes that may arise from the acts of parties to the dispute. Focused on completely different purposes of negotiations, parties may sometimes make a mistake by accepting settlement agreements with general wordings. Such settlement agreements can, in turn, result in the dismissal of proceedings before arbitration tribunals which can deprive one of the parties of many benefits, especially the compensation. An appropriately chosen applicable law plays a significant role in this case as they help interpret the agreements between parties. However, the Azpetrol case is quite notable to examine that applicable law did not save the investors from the dismissal of proceedings and all claims of claimants.

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