The Right to Work for Ukrainian Refugees and Its Realization in Europe

9 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 92 (2023)
Article language: English.

The protection of the rights of refugees has been one of the important branches of human rights protection, since such persons require additional protection measures due to the difficulties they have faced and which have forced them to find asylum in another country. This issue has become especially relevant for the citizens of Ukraine, who were forced to leave their country and move to European countries to save their lives due to the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. In this article the protection of the right to work of Ukrainian refugees in European countries is analysed from a comprehensive theoretical and practical aspects and the practical implementation of this right in the EU member states are discussed. Particularly, article focuses on shortcomings in the legal acts of the EU and analyses the legislation of three EU member states, namely Poland, Germany and Latvia. Finally, some suggestions with regard to amendments to current legal norms and promoting their integration into society are made to ensure protection of the rights of Ukrainian refugees.

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