International Organisations and Accountability for Human Rights Abuses: Obstacles Caused by Jurisdictional Immunity

9 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 66 (2023)
Article language: English.

The proliferation of international organisations has increased their power to affect the lives of many people and their human rights. Whether they authorise and deploy missions to conflict-ridden areas to create conditions for stability and peace or fund projects to improve people’s lives, international organisations are believed to be critical in addressing global issues. Coincidentally, there is now considerable evidence of international law violations and human rights abuses arising out of these organisations’ decisions and conduct. However, the jurisdictional immunity granted to these organisations has made it difficult, if not impossible, to address the issue of holding those organisations accountable for human rights violations. Therefore, this article aims to assess the content of jurisdictional immunities to illustrate the necessity for reducing the immunities of international organisations.

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