Underground Waters as Object of the Law: Issues of Regulation, Utilization and Protection Under Azerbaijani and International Legislation

8 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 44 (2022)
Article language: Azerbaijani.


The article examines the growing importance of groundwater and various aspects of its legal regulation and examines in detail the various forms of ownership of these water bodies that have historically formed and are still relevant today, as well as the characteristics of United States of America legislation and the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan were investigated and compared. At the same time, the article shows the rules and conditions of use of groundwater within the framework of national legislation, conducted a study with reference to various sources on the powers of the executive authorities in the field of groundwater regulation, the main areas of activity. Moreover, the main sources of groundwater pollution, the basics of their legal protection, the relevant regulations, administrative sanctions, penalties, etc. applied to violations of groundwater rights have been researched. Lastly, the legislative acts that are the basis for regulation in the international arena have been studied, the question of the extent to which international practice is observed in local legislation has been investigated, and certain shortcomings and gaps have been noted in the article.

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