Mediation of Azerbaijani Laws and Legal Practice of Foreign Countries in Operation of Family Mediator

8 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 1 (2022)
Article language: English.


The relations related to the application of mediation in the family legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and related legal practice are surveyed in detail and comprehensively in the article. Then the roles of the mediator in the family mediation process, rights and responsibilities of the mediator, the procedure for executing the family mediation process, the comprehension of the mediator in resolving family disputes in developed countries have been clarified. The main purpose of the article is also to analyze the differences of notions on the role of the mediator in family mediation, the modification of the existing legislation on mediation, to reinforce the scientific and practical basis for the mediation process in family disputes. Legal gaps in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the rules of preparation and advanced training courses for candidates have been compared over the legal practice of foreign countries. Moreover, it was proposed to impose certain restrictions on the competencies of mediators in order to maintain the principle of impartiality. The information obtained as a result of the research can be used to improve family legislation on mediation, as well as to increase the training of new professionals and specialized personnel in this field.

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