Role of Standard Form Insurance Contracts at Enforcing Claims from the Insurance Policies

2 Baku St. U. L.Rev. 50 (2015)
Article language: Azerbaijani.

In this article, the role of standard form contracts in enforcing claims from insurance policy analyzed. The issues about equality of parties and the lack of bargaining power on deciding the terms of contract which arises from the principle of freedom of contract and took place in the binding process of insurance policy as a standard form contract have been discussed. Doctrine of reasonable expectations and doctrine of contra proferentem which embrace the matter of subject and how they effect to the court decisions in the jurisdictions where they had been implemented is also analyzed in the article. In the article it is shown that how the governmental control over insurance industry effects to the court decisions over insurance policy and some clauses about the solution of cases on this subject which should be considered during the process recommended to the courts.

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