Review policy

Review Policy is criteria or requirements for assessment process of articles. It means submitted articles have to follow the Review Policy.

Note: The Policy had been created, mainly, on the basis of “The Bluebook – A Uniform System of Citation”. If you’ve followed Bluebook rules, you can submit your article now.

    1. Article have to be in Word document file (with .doc or .docx file extensions);
    2. In “Times New Roman” font, with font size 12, line spacing 1;
    3. Citations must be on the page (on footnote);

3.1 Citation to books:

        1. Authors’ name have to be separated with [and];
        2. While writing name of the book, words (except auxiliary words) have to be started with capital letters.
        3. In case of citation to paragraphs, there must be the sign [§], to page [53], to pages [53-57];
        4. In case of citation to another version of the book, write the version in bracket before publishing year.
        5. In case of citation to same book of same author, there in after it have to be written author’s last name, then cited page number of the book.


        1. Catherine A. Mackinnon, The Sexual Harassment of Working Women, 57 (1979).
        2. Fleming James and Geoffrey C. Hazard, Civil Procedure § 2.35 (3rd ed. 1985).
        3. Mackinnon, 58.

If the book is edited or translated, first it is written name of translated or edited version of the book, then translator’s and/or editor’s name before publishing year in brackets, the point must be placed at the end of each reference.

3.2 The citation to periodic publications and/or articles:
In case of citation to academic articles and writings on periodic publications following rules have to be considered;

        1. Names of the authors are separated by commas;
        2. Titles of academic articles or writings are indicated by italic;
        3. Except auxiliary words, all of the words of titles of articles or writings are started by capital letters;
        4. Number of edition or issue of periodic publication, then name of the publication;
        5. Beginning page of the article;
        6. Cited page;
        7. At the end the year of publication is written in the brackets;
        8. In case of citation to the same author’s article or writing, author(s)’s surname(s) and the citation page is indicated.

For example:

        1. Carolyn Heilbrun, Judith Resnik, Convergences: LawLiteratureand Feminism, 99 Yale Law Journal 1913, 1942 (1990).
        2. Heilburn, Resnik, 1943.

3.3 In case of citation to laws, constitutions, cases official name of the document is written. In case of citation to the translated version, the name is written as translated version.

3.4 In case of citation to internet resources following rules should be considered:

        1. In case of citation to internet resources the name of the material on the page and the broadcasting year have to be indicated (in brackets);
        2. After the introducing web address of the resource, indicate your last visit to the resource after writing [last visit] in brackets.

For example:
1. Infographic: Amazon’s Online Sales Dwarf the Competition Statista Infographics (2014), http://www.statista.com/chart/2214/10-largest-online-retailers/ (last visited Jul 18, 2015).
2. The U.S. Corporate Tax Dodge (2014), http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-07-09/the-u-s-corporate-tax-dodge (last visited Jul 18, 2015).

3.5 The sources as blogs, news sites, Wikipedia aren’t considered as reliable sources. Only citations to the authoritative news websites (as The New York  Times, Washington Post etc.) and official websites are considered as admittable.

3.6. Statistical information have to be cited from only official websites.

      1. Page count have to be more than 7 pages;
      2. The referred Russian literature haven’t to be over 2, the number of citations to Russian literature shouldn’t be more than 20% of all citations.
      3. It has to be written in academic (scientific) style;
      4. It has not to be plagiarized.

The Policy had been created, mainly, on the basis of “The Bluebook – A Uniform System of Citation”.

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